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  • His Exc. Raphael Archbishop Minassian’s Easter Message

    “He is not here; he has risen!”

    Brothers and sisters in Christ,


    Today we are in front of the proof of our salvation, the unique reality in history. Unfortunately, this reality doesn’t correspond to the perception of our society.


    For the sake and price of our salvation, we deserve one more time to look at the cave where our Savior was buried. Jesus Christ, the begotten Son of God, was tortured and scourged and died on the cross but resurrected as a pawn and pledge for the salvation of humankind. The angel sitting by the shroud of Jesus in the sepulcher is repeating constantly: “He is not here; he has risen!”


    Yes, He is risen!  In spite of many organizations and individuals, such as scientists, archeologists and historians who are trying to study the history of humanity, digging the earth where God stepped, try to find new facts of existence of Jesus and the denial of the Revelation and Resurrection of our Savior.


    The personality of Jesus is discussed in different ways as a historical character, or a powerful individual, a founder of a religion, or a teacher of morality, but never Jesus as God and Savior, who loved his people with an unconditional love giving His life fully to them, obeying His Father’s will and glorifying the Father. And the Father glorified the Son.


    We can’t understand, that Jesus is neither merely the founder of a religion and nor a moral character and nor a teacher. The falling humanity doesn’t need a teacher today. The world has given birth to numerous teachers and priests that have led and are still leading towards the gorges of destruction and new wars.


    Therefore, our duty as profound believers in Jesus Christ, who sacrificed Himself to give us life, is to enjoy His Resurrection answering His call “I am the resurrection and the life”. Let us joyfully greet each other with the Good News: “Christ is risen!”.