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    “He who is God became a servant ․․․ so that divine love may dwell in us. ”

    December 19 was a family holiday in Arpeni community. Married couples in the village celebrated their marriage anniversaries.



    A Holy Mass was served, then Rev. Fr. Eghia Derdzakyan parish priest of the village spoke of marital love and fidelity.



    “You chose each other to unite, to become one body ․․․ You are united in front of God, connected with one another by the grace and blessing of Christ.

    Jesus always has a bride. Who is the Jesus’ bride: Church and who is the church? All of us. Jesus renounced his divinity; he became our servant, and you did the same thing to serve your families.

    It is a great delight today, you are here to always give your souls, for you and for God. That God will always bless you and be with you wherever you are”



    After the Holy Mass, the couples celebrated together.  They were all at ease to talk, laugh, recall the difficulties and joys of family life.



    Written and translated by

    Anush Harutyunyan