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  • English knowledge development in Mets Sepasar and Ghazanchi villages


    In September 2021, by the initiative of the parish priest of Ashotsk and based on the desire of the young people, English classes started within the frame of the project “Parish Social Ministries in Northern Armenia” of Armenian Caritas. Since English classes have been organized in the Metc Sepasar and Ghazanchi Armenian Catholic youth centers.
    Teenagers and young people aged 11-17. In each village, classes have been organized in two groups.
    The classes are conducted by Syuzanna Hovasyan, in Mets Sepasar, and by Gohar Papikyan, in Ghazanchi.
    They chose extracurricular teaching methods through fascinating, playful, audio-visual means, competitions.
    Once a month, in addition to classes, the participants of the groups have the opportunity to talk to Jonathan Rodriguez, an English-speaker American-Armenian volunteer who has been hosted in Armenia by the “Birthright Armenia Foundation”.
    “Birthright Armenia Foundation” volunteers have been visiting Metc Sepasar since 2018, again by the initiative of Parish Priest, and sponsored by Armenian Caritas.
    On 28 December, English groups organized events summarizing the results of the first phase of the program at the Ghazanchi and Mets Sepasar youth centers.
    In Metc Sepasar, before the event, Fr. Hovsep Galstyan, the parish priest, served a Holy Mass with the intention of the educational success of the youth of the two communities and spoke about English clubs, TUMO project and other educational opportunities created within the framework of the Armenian Caritas PSM project.
    They reflect the logic of the project in line with the Church’s principles of social teaching and integral human development.
    The event in Mets Sepasar took the form of an open lesson, during which the participants showed their language skills through interesting games. And in Ghazanchi, the teenagers proved their knowledge of English through plays, dialogues and songs.
    The project will continue in January 2022.